Poppy Seeds

by The Corner Laughers

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All songs by The Corner Laughers (see track details for individual credits).

Produced by Allen Clapp / Mystery Lawn Music
Mastered by Marty Rudnick / Sandbox Records
Artwork by Anna Saccheri

Recorded by Allen Clapp at Mystery Lawn (Sunnyvale, CA). Additional recording done in Oakland, Redwood City, Novato and Los Angeles CA; and Cambridge, UK.


released June 19, 2012

The Corner Laughers are:
Karla Kane (Vocals, Ukulele, Percussion, Bass, Bell Choir)
Angela Silletto (Guitar, Percussion)
Khoi Huynh (Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Percussion, Bell Choir)
Charlie Crabtree (Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Bell Choir)
KC Bowman (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion, Bell Choir)

Allen Clapp (Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion, Glockenspiel)
Anton Barbeau (Vocals, Keyboards)
Mike Viola (Vocals)
Astrid Smith (Violin, String Arrangements)
William Cleere (Vocals, Keyboards)
Anna Saccheri (Accordion)
Jeri Sykes (Woodwinds)
Wazu (Persian Percussion)

Banner photo by Andrew Widdowson, APW Photography


all rights reserved



The Corner Laughers Redwood City, California

Clever wordplay, magical melodies and heartbreaking harmonies.


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Track Name: Grasshopper Clock
Ants in the sugar bowl are something to behold

Shining in the silverware like little specks of gold

Milling through the sweetness like bees in honeycomb

You'll put it in your tea when we can bring some money home

Pendulum swings, energy's unlocked
Counting down the seconds like a grasshopper clock

Down by the river where the water meets the dock

We're rowing in the rhythm of the grasshopper clock

When I see a lovely flower I can't help but pick it

When you look to me for answers all you get is crickets

Stone on stone, brick upon the block

Munching up the minutes like the grasshopper clock
Wings take flight, people take a walk

And end up all together at the grasshopper clock

I saw the sky today, the colors made me feel so lowly
I saw the world outside my window below, turning slowly

When I see a perfect surface then I'll want to nick it

When you ask me for solutions all I'll give is crickets

Heartbeats start like small electric shocks
Going through the motions like a grasshopper clock

Round I go and on your door I'll knock

Saying meet me in an hour at the grasshopper clock

The world passeth away and lust thereof will vanish with it

They'll say it's for the best but I will miss it, oh, I'll miss it

When I find a puddle then I'll always want to kick it
When I try out new ideas all I get it is ...crickets
Track Name: Bells Of El Camino
They say there's gold in orange flowers, gold in the streams

But it's cold in the shower of a California dream
The San Andreas motion shakes a person out of sleep

And the vast Pacific Ocean makes a promise it can't keep

Follow the bells of El Camino

Follow the royal highway through

Mission to mission, my intuition says they will lead me home to you

There's smoke choking the valley and the surf is poison-tossed

But when the condors somehow rally then hope is not all lost

The peak of Tamalpais meets the bottom of the sky

And though the author's view is biased it's perfect in her eye

Track Name: Sugar Skull
In the decaying days of fall, you said you wanted it all
You knew the times when it got dark were when we were happy as larks
To think of leaves and birthday rain, Halloween and whistling trains,
And it's a wistful, pleasant pain
Baseball season's over but it will return again
I brought you a marigold and then you left me in the cold
You were sent to kill Orion and I've always kept an eye on
all the stars in Sco-Centaurus, wishing there was something for us
With my hope as bright as topaz
Come to find, to my surprise, we were as close as two cat's eyes
And so I wonder, in the spring, will you still want everything?
Like the flies caught by a spider we want our eyes opened wider
To look for meanings, hidden signs, patterns and crisscrossing lines
Someone's skin like alabaster, someone's face now cast in plaster
It's a beautiful disaster
All the saints around my arms could not protect us from all harm
And when I hear you play the harp all of our songs are in F sharp
You said as you touched every string, "maybe it's a Scorpio thing"
All the saints around my hands will not stop autumnal plans
The only thing that daylight saves is thoughts of all our open graves
It's never easy, never dull, but it sparkles like a sugar skull
Track Name: Twice The Luck
I tried to pull a rabbit from a hat. He said, "now why'd you want to bother with that?
If you would just leave us rabbits alone we'd do some magic for you on our own."
And since we met I'm lightning struck and two black cats are twice the luck
And I don't need no rabbit's feet to tell me I've got something sweet with you.

The fortune teller tried to read my palm but I, I couldn't stay still or keep calm.
She said, "well you don't need to understand. Just go do something useful with these hands."
And since we met I'm lightning struck and two black cats are twice the luck
And I don't need no tarot cards to make me thank my lucky stars for you.

I saw the Virgin Mary in my toast. She said that you're the one I love the most.
I asked if she was just a vision from my head. She said, "Who cares? Be glad you've got that bread."
And since we met I'm lightning struck and two black cats are twice the luck
And if I die before I wait I pray the Lord my soul will take me to you.
Track Name: Transamerica Pyramid
It’s square at the bottom and narrow at the tip
Like the slave workers built for the pharaohs of Egypt
The descendants of the Mayans and the Inca(n)s
Drive by in the their Lincolns that they bought with the coffee that we sipped
On the back of a dollar there’s an eye that looks down on the squalor that we never knew
‘Cause the Transamerica Pyramid is where I first met you
The Transamerica Pyramid is where I first met you

There’s a bridge into town with tall orange spires
That from all around the globe people come to admire
And there's thousands of them every day who cross over the bay
By car or foot on their sneakers or tires
Everyone’s sons and daughters use it to cross over the water that’s sparkling blue
But the Transamerica Pyramid is what brought me to you
The Transamerica Pyramid is what brought me to you

There's a route through the Sunset where all the Barracudas
And the Mustangs having fun get going down Judah
With the slant sixes purring like the dance mixes during their way out of the sticks where they're setting the mood of
The feeling of the street where the boys and girls meet
And no car without Mopar will do
But the Transamerica Pyramid is what drove me to you
The Transamerica Pyramid is where I first met you
Track Name: 8:18
From the windows of College Terrace
To the ushers in the dark
From the Hewlett Packard heiress
To the donkeys of Barron Park
In Peet's and in Piazza's
The stars no longer shine
The protesters of Lytton Plaza
Have set aside their signs

In 8 minutes, 18 seconds the sun will touch our skin
Vitamin D, in spite of windy, rainy weather
We'll still be together
And poppies will bloom once again

No movies at the Aquarius
And the fountain ceased its spout
And in the old libraries
The last book has been checked out
The letters on the marquee
Say we'll be back in the spring
As we sit here in the dark we
Don't believe a thing

The nights we spent in Midtown
The days of deviled egg
The Mormon tire breakdown
The grape juice by the keg

We'll walk down University
With no adversity
And poppies will bloom once again
Track Name: Chicken Bingo
They asked us where we came from, we said San Francisco
They asked again, we said outer space
I'm telling you we're not good with risks, oh
But let us see your face, it gives us sense of place

Can we play a game maybe, chicken bingo
You can deal the cards we wont get in the way
Run around the yard with the pink flamingos
Watch the palm trees sway, we want to hear you say

Come play today
(They're in my head somewhere, they're in my head now)
Come play play play today
We've got a sandbox in our room
Landlocked burying the gloom

Why am I so cold when the sun is shining?
What am I to do in the wintertime?
Why are you so bold with your silver lining?
I feel the best when I'm between the lemon and the lime

Can we play a game maybe chicken bingo
You get the dice and I'll keep the score
Following the rules it's a tricky thing, though
I feel best when you're between the ceiling and the floor

Come play with me
(They're in my head somewhere, they're in my head now)
Stick our feet in the sea
I've got a sandbox in my mind
In my hand, blocks of every kind
Track Name: I'd Rather Count Cormorants With You
You can count all of the pixels on your hi-def stream
You can count all your friends doing that same old meme
You can count all of the money wasted on Red Bull
And you can count on me to be nothing but dreadful

Count all the times that you said we're through
But I'd rather count cormorants...with you

Count them in or count them out
Count their skins & count their scouts
Count their sins & count their snouts
Count their fins & count their trouts

I could count the beans with my accountant creep
I've counted the sheep until I was fast asleep
I could count on Buster Posey to go two-for-three
I could count on dracula to steal you from me

Count all your blessings, either way it's true:
I'd rather count cormorants...with you

Count their spins & count their spouts
Count their shins & count their shouts
Count their wins & count their doubts
Count the cormorants about